Improving availability of food in rural areas

Testimony of Linus Cornery

I am an employee of University of Dar es Salaam – Mbeya College of Health Sciences. I work as a laboratory technician for Pharmacology. I am proud to share my new discovery for agriculture potential in Mbeya.

My initiative started in Mbeya region, in Kyela district in 2017 where Vijiji International invited me to support peasants of rice in Kyela, Mbeya. I therefore started to work as a Part time coordinator for reduction of malnutrition in Mbeya and a peer educator for Health Promotion Programs by Vijiji International, a Tanzanian Civil Service Organization. Since then, I have been doing business to support program for growing rice in the rural areas and sell the products to the urban populations with different prices due to travel costs.

Linus of Vijiji International

To be honest, I have seen changes in living standards in myself and peer group that I am working with. I am happy that I have been training the youth in rural areas on how to grow rice using manual ways. This is because my initial initiatives on growing rice were driven by business intentions. Initially I did not had any experience in rice cultivation. However, after starting working with Vijiji International, I have discovered many potentials of being an African Farmer. I have learned that in Mbeya there are many youths who are un-employed with little knowledge of farming. As we continued to generate 30 skillful causal labors of for rice cultivation, we have changed lives of 30 people in a short time.




I saw it as an additional income opportunity to sustain family needs. Our initiative has served a purpose of improving availability of food for young children and pregnant women in rural areas. In the future Malnutrition will be a history in Mbeya…!