Vijiji Theory

What is Vijiji Theory?

Vijiji International believes in developing theories before and after practice. As It can be shown that Vijiji International is working with experts experience on health promotion as well as the literature from the previous publications that are applicable in the community. Again Vijiji International will work with the community feedback as a source of success of the health promotion. For each intervention the outcome will be documented and measured for its continuity of health promotion. All previous comments and practice of health promotion will be documented as deductive.

Theory needs to be developed and tested not only in controlled situations, but also in the real world where inductive insights can shape the development of theory and its relevance in specific contexts. However, in order for this to happen studies need to document fully their theoretical base and their rationale for the selection of theory. In this way Vijiji International will work from evidence of scientific findings and apply the theories of change in the communities. The inventions by Vijiji international will always be guided by principles. Additionally hypothetical principles may apply to introduce test of change as a new innovation paradigm.

Similarly, from our outcomes Vijiji intends to publish all lesson learnt by taking accounts of how theory is translated into practice. Together with refinement of Vijiji theory from community and institutional practice to inductive theories that takes a light of empirical findings and awareness of context-specific factors can progressively narrowing practice gaps. We may live in post-modern times, but would be wise to take heed of Kurt Lewin’s dictum that `there is nothing so practical as learning from practice that has origin in theory’.